Locations of Interest within Sigil:

Clerk's Ward:

Civic Festhall - Center of Arts and Entertainment, Society of Sensation HQ
Greengage - Tavern
Grundlethum's Automatic Scribe - Scribe's shop
Hall of Information - Adjunct to the Hall of Records
Hall of Records - Repository of legal records and Fated HQ
Hall of Speakers - Seat of Politics and Public Debate
Hester's Arms - Tavern
Jeena Ealy's Compound - Home of Adventurer and author, Jeena Ealy
Lazz School of Vivid Unpleasantness - "Art" Gallery
Planar Trade Consortium - Handles most of the imports and exports in Sigil
Tea Street Transit - Carriages and Pony Cabs for hire
Tensar's Employment Service - Job house, for honest labor
Trianym - Public speaking forum
Trioptic Nic'Epon - Statur and Landmark
Whole Note Inn - Inn (fancy, expensive)

Guildhall Ward:

Ensin's Discount Elixirs - "Potion" Shop
Fat Candle Pub - Tavern (very dark inside)
Feathernest Inn - Inn (caters to a more feral clientele)
The Great Gymnasium - Gym, Spa, Transcendent Order HQ
The Harim - Tavern
Xanists' Shop - Inevtor's Shop
Wooly's Lab - Potion Shop 
Zakk's Corpse Curing - Taxidemist

Hive Ward:
Allesha's Pantry
Bottle & Jug - Tavern, Fighting Pit
Cold Bowl Soup Kitchen - Free Soup for the hungry
The Gatehouse - Asylum and Bleak Cabal HQ 
Gatehouse Night Market - Contraband/Gray Market
Greenstone Stables - Market for "Mounts"
House of the Griffin - Alehouse
The Mortuary - City Morgue, Dustmen HQ
Quake's Place - Tavern
Scratch Wall - Gratified Landmark
The Slags - The worst slum in the worst neighborhood
Weary Spirit Infirmary - Nonmagical "Hospital"

Lady's Ward:

Armory - Source for weapons and Doomguard HQ
City Barracks - City Guard Barracks and Harmonium HQ
City Courts - Courts and Fraternity of Order HQ
Fortune's Wheel - Tavern, Inn and Gambling House
Golden Bariaur Inn - Inn
Interplanar Importers - Merchant House and Restaurant
Palace of the Jester - Seat of Power and Court within the City
Prison - Primary detection center and Mercykillers HQ
Singing Fountain - Fountain and stage of Black Marian
The Square Bar - Tavern
Temple of the Abyss - Place of "Worship"
Temple of Hermes - Place of Worship
Tower of the Wyrm - Executioner's ground
Traban's Forge - Blacksmith
Twelve Factols - Tavern

Lower Ward:

Bones of the Night - Catacombs, Mausoleum
The Ditch - A "river" (sewer?)
The Dirk and Firkin - Celestial Greenhouse/Alehouse
The Face of Gith - Githzerai Pub
The Friendly Fiend - Magic Shop
Golden Bell - Pawn Shop
Great Foundry - Foundry, Believers of the Source HQ
Green Mill - Tavern (Sanctuary and Safehouse)
Hand of Time - Shop specializing in clockwork and other automata
Harbinger House - A Godsmen run asylum for potential Powers
Hooded Lantern - Tavern, "Thieves Guild"
Mermaid's Cups - Tavern
Parted Veil Bookshop - Athar-themed bookstore
Red Pony - Taven
Shattered Temple - Former Temple to Aoskar, Athar Faction HQ
Society of the Luminiferous Aether - Gentleman's Club for Mages
Speckled Rat - Tavern
Styx Orsman - Fiendish Tavern (requires password)
The Sword and BUckler - Tavern (mercenary hangout)
The Tenth Pit - Fiendish Tavern (favorite of the Sensates!)
The Ubiquitous Wayfarer - Tavern (many portals inside)
The White Casket - Dustmen Tavern
Zena's Home - Veterinary and Animal Help

Market Ward:
Bronze Bezants - Pawn and Loan Shop
Chirpers - Tavern, Speciality Shop and Theatre
Great Bazaar - Interplanar Marketplace and Free League HQ
Imel's Happy Tongue - Tavern
Lost Dragon - Inn
Prime Exotics - Small Animals for Pets or Eats!
Red Lion Inn - Tavern, Inn and primary Free League safehouse

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