Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Mortuary

The Mortuary

Location: Hive Ward

Purpose: The primary morgue in Sigil and the faction headquarters of the Dustmen.

Oridi Malefin
(High Priestess)
Female Tiefling Planar
18th Level Cleric of Death
Dustmen (factor)

Komosahl Trevant
Male Human Planar
12th Level Wizard
Dustmen (factor)
Neutral Evil

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, pages 52-55

Ed's Notes: There are MANY Portals here leading to various Prime Worlds and the neutral Planes (Acheron, Mechanus, Arcadia, Ysgard, Limbo and Pandemonium.) And the main furnace is a portal to the Plane of Fire. Factor Trevant generally oversees the place, accompanied by bodyguards and at the lead of numerous namers and undead workers. The PC's will likely encounter him, at best, because there is no way the will make it far enough inside to meet up with Skall. (And who'd WANT to?!)

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