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Hall of Records

The Hall of Records

Location: Clerk's Ward

Purpose: A repository of all legal records in Sigil and the faction headquarters of the Fated.

Aram Oakwright
(Chief Steward)
Male Dwarf Planar
4th Level Fighter
Fated (factotum)
Chaotic Neutral

(Chief Steward, Hall of Propery)
Male Nycaloth Planar
HD 11+22
Fated (factotum)
Neutral Evil

Rayl Whitespoon
(Drill Instructor)
Female Githzerai Planar
4th Level Fighter, 6th Level Wizard
Fated (factotum)
Chaotic Neutral

Brigitte Gunnarsmoon
Female Frost Giant  Planar
HD 14
Fated (factotum)
Chaotic Neutral

(Sensate Spy)
Female Tielfing Planar
15th Level Wizard
Society of Sensation (factotum)
Chaotic Neutral

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, pages 62-65

Ed's Notes: This is where the ownership of EVERYTHING in Sigil is documented. If it ain't here, then it ain't yours! If you need documentation, you'll deal with Oakwrigtht of one of his subordinates, possibly Gunnarsmoon, or Ik'phus (if it's property related.) Faction members come to get training from Rayl Witherspoon. Oh, and apparently a high level Sensate spy is using a secret passage that they constructed to steal records for Erin Montgomery. (In case you need a plot hook. Lol)

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