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Erin Darkflame Montgomery

Erin Darkflame Montgomery

Female Human Planar
9th Level Priestess of Diancecht
Society of Sensation (factol)
Lawful Good

Str:   9   Int:  14   HP:    45
Dex:  14   Wis:  17   AC:    5
Con:  13   Cha:  18   THAC0: 16

Wand of Magic Missiles
Purple Ioun Stone (stores up to eight spell levels)
Crystal Mace (+2, +4 vs. Evil Creatures, Double Damage vs. creatures linked to Negative Energy Plane, creates Circle of Summoning 1/day)

Spells/Level: 6/6/4/2/1

Has access to the spheres of All, Animal, Creation, Divination, Healing, Plant and Protection.
Psionic Wild Talent (lend heath, 36 PSP's)
Standard Priest Abilities.
Faction Abilities: Infravision up to 60' regardless of race. +1 bonus to all Saves vs. Poison and die rolls for surprise.

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, page 133

Ed's Notes: Arguably my favorite Factol. And as priestess of the Celtic God of Healing, someone that any non-Athar, -Doomguard or -Fated PC's will want to get on good terms with! ;)

Factol Erin has seen things.

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