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Annali Webspinner

Annali Webspinner

Female Bariaur Planar
7th Level Fighter
Society of Sensation (factotum)
Chaotic Neutral

Str:  13   Int:  15   HP:    58
Dex:  10   Wis:  12   AC:    4
Con:  11   Cha:   9   THAC0: 14

Hornblade +2 (Sigil, treat as Short Sword)
Cloak of Protection +2 (Sigil)
Eyes of True Seeing/Charming (Specifically imbued with a permanent True Seeing spell that allow her to detect and Charm would-be infiltrators.)

Standard Fighter and Bariaur Abilities.
Faction Abilities: Infravision up to 60' regardless of race. +1 bonus to all Saves vs. Poison and die rolls for surprise.

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, page 136

Ed's Notes: Overseer of entertainments at the Civic Festhall. Doubles as head of security as well.

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