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Male Shadow Elf Planar
6th Level Thief
Revolutionary League (Factotum)

Str:  12   Int:  11   HP:    36
Dex:  17   Wis:  13   AC:     2
Con:  16   Cha:  10   THAC0: 18

Morning Star
Leather Armor of Blending +3
Ring of Disguise (Alter Self 3/day)


Standard & Shadow Elf Abilities: Infravison to 90 feet, 90% Resistance to Sleep, and Charm spells, Immune to Paralyzation effects from Undead creatures.
Faction Abilities: Can automatically pose as a member of any other faction without being detected. +2 Bonus to checks made on Rogue Proficiencies.
Thief abilities: PP 55, OL 60, F/RT 40, MS 50, HS 70, DN 20, CW 60 RL 20; Backstab X3

Special Weakness:
Suffer d4 damage from Light spell and 2d4 fro Continual Light spell. As Revolutionary League member, must donate 90% of wealth to the League of to the oppressed.

Location: Could be anywhere in Sigil!
Size: M (5' tall)
Morale: Elite (14)
Expeirence Points: 1,400

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2624, Uncaged: Faces of Sigil, pages 34-35

Ed's Notes: Chalk it up to the "Power of Belief" in the planes, but this guy does just impersonate or disguise himself as members of other factions, he literally BECOMES them. He's has a form of MPS, similar to Kevin Wendell Crumb in Split, where his entire body actually transforms into another person, making him the Revolutionaries best spy and top operative. Shemeska the Marauder has become aware of his existence and abilities, and has noted several of these personalities, and how to "trigger" them:

Aza Dowling
Female Tiefling Planar
4th Level Mage
Society of Sensation (Factotum)
Chaotic Neutral
(When dared to try a new experience - though it must be NEW!)

Female Tiefling Planar
?th Level Thief
Fated (Factotum)
Unknown Alignment
(Seeing the strong or capable taking form the weak, or when focusing on obtaining something that is desperately craved.)

Male Human Planar
?th Level Wizard
Athar (Factotum)
Unknown Alignment
(Coming into contact with a vocal street preacher.)

Male Shadow Elf Planar
6th Level Thief
Revolutionary League (Factotum)
(Witnessing a hothead flaunt or challenge a repressive authority.)

Male Human Planar
?th Level Druid
Transcendent Order (Factotum)
Unknown Alignment
(Observing a body successfully performing a physically demanding and dexterous task.

Kale O'Seth
Male Half-Elf Planar
?th Level Bard
Dutsmen (Factotum)
Unknown Alignment
(In presence of a natural death.)

Kirrik the Ear
Male Half-Elf Planar
?th Level (Gossiper?) (Bard?)
Free League (Factotum)
Unknown Alignment
(In response to someone defying a faction of standing up for their own beliefs.)

Josbert Plum
Male Human Prime
13th Level Paladin
Harmoniun (Factotum)
Lawful Good
(Witnessing the commission of a crime, or when physically threatened.)

Mellon Mahl
Male Human Planar
0-Level Clerk
Fraternity of Order (Factotum)
Unknown (Lawful) Alignment
(When observing of confronted with a question of law.)

Ozer Pidley
Female Elf Planar
?th Level Priest
Believer of the Source (Factotum)
Unknown Alignment
(When confronted with a sod who boast of besting the challenges the multiverse has thrown  in their path.)

Male Elf Planar
?th Level Bard (Jester Kit - Prankster)
Xaositect (Factotum)
Unknown Alignment
(In the face of wholly inane activity)

Male Elf Ranger
?th Level Ranger
Mercykillers (Factotum)
Unknown Alignment
(When a lawbreaker is not sufficiently punished.)

Sylvester Goldwax
Male Human Planar
?th Level Bard
Sign of One (Will of the One) (Factotum)
Unknown Alignment
(Seeing a body engaged in an act of creation.)

Trez Damnrod
Male Human Planar
?th Level Warrior
Doomguard (Factotum)
Unknown Alignment
(Witnessing a wanton act of entropy)

Male Tiefling Planar
?th Level Rogue (Assassin Kit)
Bleak Cabal (Factotum)
Unknown Alignment
(When facing angst, such as a soup kitchen turning away  hungry mouths.)

Knowing who the spies are in each faction would be valuable enough information on its own, but the understanding how to trigger them to the surface? Shemeska has a truly priceless asset there! Make sure the PC's encounter (befriend, even?) these folks early in the campaign, so as not to arouse suspicion! Two of them (Dowling and Plum) already have full write-ups. I will probably fill in a few of the others on my own, just for fun, if I think they can be useful.