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Hall of Speakers

The Hall of Speakers

Location: Clerk's Ward

Purpose: The Seat of what passes for Sigil's "City Council." Sign of One Faction Headquarters.

Darius the Veyl
Female Human Planar
11th Level Diviner
Sign of One (factol)
Neutral Good

Former Representetive
Male Centaur Planar
5th Level Bard
Sign of One (factotum)
Neutral Good
Equipment: Speaker's Key (lost)

Frequent Speaker
Female Firre Planar
Hit Dice 7+10
Planarist (Factotum)
Chaotic Neutral

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, pages 124-126, 129

Ed's Notes: There are no NPC's specifically associated with the Hall of Speakers, though Factol Darius does spend a lot of time here, and does act as Speaker when the 13 FACTOLS gather to meet. Otherwise, representatives from the 13 sanctioned Factions (so excluding the Free League and the Revolutionary League) can be found here debating law, politics and policy. (Also philosophy and just about anything else, large and small.) GM should have some note regarding the Faction representatives, if the players spend a lot of time here.

One particularly special feature is a permanent portal leading from the Hall to the Dreamhearth, the Faction's sanctuary on the Beastlands.

There's not much to sya about Jaye, an NPC of minimal importance, save for the potential plot hook that he'd LOST his Speaker's Key somewhere between Glorium and Sylvania and really needs to get it back.

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