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The Prison

The Prison

Location: Lady's Ward

Purpose: The main penitentiary and house of penal justice. Mercykiller Faction Headquarters.

Arwyl Swan's Son
Chief GaolorMale Human Prime
17th Level Paladin
Mercykillers (factor)
Lawful Good

Shander Mountpool
Liason, Assitant Warden
Male Tielfing Planar
8th Level Fighter
Mercykillers (factor)
Lawful Evil

Reggia Pylk
Guard Captain
Female Human Planar
10th Level Fighter
Mercykillers (factotum)
Lawful Netural

Lygess the Cruel
Female Erinyes Planar/Fiend
HD 6+6
Lawful Evil

(Former) Prisoner
Male Githzerai Planar
5th Level Thief
Revolutionary League (factotum)
Chaoltic Evil

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, pages 103-106

Ed's Notes: While Factol Nilesia positively adores her Prison, as head of the Faction she does have other duties to attend to. Arwyl Swan's Son is thus left to run the day-to-day operation of the Prison itself. Shandor Mountpool is one of Nilesia's 10 most trusted confidants, and thus may act as her eyes and ears in the prison when she's away. 

Regia Pylk is responsible for dispensing the Blood of Justice. Mercykillers of level 3 and are eligible to receive 1 vial (3 doses) per month. If the liquid entered the bloodstream through a wound or by being ingested, the target with confess to ALL CRIMES they've knowingly committed in the past 24 hours.

Lygess the Cruel is decidedly NOT a Faction Member, but rather one of the prisoners who's developed a rather large following (gang) of other inmates. Rumor has it that she has some damning information about Factol Nilesia Baggerblade is currently an inmate of little importance, but at some point prior to running Faction War, escapes. He basically just bribes a few guards, but he goes on to spread rumors he'd heard about how Rowan Darkwood and Alisohn Nilesia are going to use the prisoners in some upcoming battle. (Basically he foreshadows Faction War.)

It should be obvious, but this is NOT a nice place to visit and you certainly would't want to "live" here!

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