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Civic Festhall

The Civic Festhall

Location: Clerk's Ward

Purpose: The city's center of arts and entertainment. Society of Sensation Faction Headquarters.

Annali Webspinner
(Festhall Director)
Female Bariaur Planar
7th Level Fighter
Society of Sensation (factotum)
Chaotic Neutral

Aza Dowling
(Sensorium Tourguide)
Female Tielfing Planar
4th Level Mage
Society of Sensation (Factotum)

Chaotic Neutral

Cuatha Da'ninin
(Advisor and Consort to Erin Montgomery)
Male Half-Elf Planar
15th level Ranger
Society of Sensation (factor)
Lawful Good

(Advisor to Erin Montgomery)
Male Tielfing Planar
16th Level Wizard
Society of Sensation (factor)
Lawful Neutral

Kenda Fretterstag
(Advisor to Erin Montgomery)
Female Human Prime
14th Level Wizard
Society of Sensation (factor)
Lawful Neutral

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, pages 124-126

Ed's Notes: Who needs Tavern and Brothels when you can experience ANYTHING you desire (or fear) through the Sensoriums at the Civic Festhall. This is also basically Carnegie Hall for the Bards of Sigil, not to mention THE place for... *a-hem* exposure for best artists and artisans of every kind. Annali Webspinner, as primary director of the Festhall, is the NPC that PC's are most likely to encounter, and who can direct them to whatever distraction they might be looking for. Da'ninin is Factol Montgomery's consort, chief advisor and right-hand man. Quellig and Fretterstag are two other high ranking advisors to the Factol that know many of the Festhall's (and the Factions) hidden secrets. Rumors about that one of the (
Fretterstag) might be toying with the idea of selling the faction out.

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