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Ensin's Discount Elixirs

Ensin's Discount Elixirs

Location: Market Ward, Copperman's Way, a block from Chirper's, near Ensin's Discount Elixirs

Purpose: Potion Shop

Male Human Planar
7th Level Wizard
Free League (Factotum)
Lawful Good

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2609, In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil, page 95

Ed's Notes: He's not a bad man, Ensin. He just... cuts corners. He's a bit... lazy, careless. Honest, maybe. But... careless. This became my player's favorite shop, and his "Potion of Limited Healing," which heals d6 (as opposed to 2d4+2 for a true Potion of Healing) yet costs about 90% less (30 gp, as opposed to >200 gp.) They were buying IN BULK. It became game-breaking. It was ridiculous. Two things... Assume he only has d4(?) d10(?) some limited quantity on any given day or week. Yes, he can sell out. (Because they kept finding ways around his 1 dose limite!) OR... If you want to really
have some fun... Make his potions Quirky as hell! See the table on page 885 of the Encyclopedia Magica Vol 3. Have the players roll %ile... (And if you really want to drive the point home, DOUBLE the roll. Yeah, that'll do it. Automatic 3 quirks from anything over 100? Lol. Anyway...) Follow the table to give them quirky effects, maybe disuade them from stocking up here. This was meant to be humorous, I think? But it's really too good a deal to pass up!


Potion of Small Animal Control: Control d4 nonmagical animals no larger than a rat, with an intelligence no greater than 1.

Potion of Limited Invisibility: Only works at night or in a dark room, and for d3 turns

Potion of Limited Healing: Heal's d6

Potion of Blue Hue: Turns you blue.

Potion of Drowning Resistance: Breath underwater for d10 rounds.

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