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Climate/Terrain: Astral or Prime
Frequency: Very Rare
Organization: Dictatorship/Monarchy
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Omnivore
Intelligence: Exceptional to Genius (15-18)
Treasure: Individuals: R, Lair: H 
Alignment: Any Evil
Number Appearing: 2-8 (away from lair)
Armor Class: Per Armor
Movement: 12, 96 on Astral Plane
Hit Dice: Per Class and Level
THAC0: Per Class and Level
Number of Attacks: Per Class and Level
   by Weapon
Special Attacks: 
   Per Class and Level (Spell use, magic items)
Special Defenses: 
Special Abilities:
   Per Class and Level (Spell use, magic items)
   Plane Shift (per Spell) at will
Special Weaknesses:
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: M (6' feet tall)
Morale: Average to Elite (11-12)
XP Value: Per Class and Level

Note: To generate random Githyanki, the book has these tables:

Roll  Class                       Roll  Level
01-40 Fighter                     01-20 3rd
41-55 Mage                        21-30 4th
56-80 Fighter/Mage                31-40 5th
81-85 Illusionist                 41-60 6th
86-00 Knight (Reversed Paladin)   61-80 7th
                                  81-90 8th
                                  91-95 9th
                                  96-98 10th
                                  99-00 11th

Normally, the Fighters and Knights favor a Two-Handed Sword (Speed 10, d10/3d6)
at 5th Level, there is 50% change this Sword will be +1

at 7th Level, there is 60% change to have Long Sword +2 (Speed 5, d8/d12)
Knights of 7th Level and Higher have a Silver Sword - a Two-Handed Sword+3 that, if used astrally, has a 5% chance to cut an opponent's silver cord. Mind Barred Individuals are immune to this effect.
Supreme Leaders (usually a Fighter/Mage of 10th/8th to 11th/9th Level) carry a Special Silver Sword that is +5, Vorpal and CAN cut the cord of Mind Barred individuals on the Astral.

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2620, Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix, pages 46-47

Ed's Notes: 
The MC contains a lot more information about how their societies, stronghold and armies are organized. For small parties (what the PC's are likely to encounter, unless GOING to an Astral Stronghold) the table above.

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