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Autochon the Bellringer

Autochon the Bellringer

Male Human Planar
12th Level Fighter
Free League (Factotum)
Neutral Evil

Str:  16   Int:  14   HP:    88
Dex:  10   Wis:  10   AC:     1
Con:  16   Cha:   8   THAC0: 9(6)

Gray Water Full Plate Mail**
Scimitar of Speed +3 (d8/d8)*

Standard Fighter abilities. 
*Scimitar of Speed + his level grant 5/2 attacks per round (2 in the first, three in the second.) It always strikes first and his Strength grants further +1 to damage.

**When not in his armor, he is tormented by the curse of the Bells of Bapohmet. On the first day, he suffers a -4 to all attack rolls. This increases to -8 on day two and -11 from day three onward. When IN his armor, he can never surprise an opponents, due to the constant jingling. Due to its immense  weight, he suffers a cumulative -1 penalty to his THAC0 every round after the 5th.
If attacked in public, d4 of his couriers (2nd Level Thieves, armed with Daggers) will come to his aid.

Faction Abilities: Gains +2 Save vs attempts to control his mind. (And saved normally against Charms that don't normally allow a Save.) Gets 20% discount at The Great Bazaar. Is connected to the Indep underground network of information.

Location: Palace of the Jester, in the Lady's Ward

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2624, Uncaged: Faces of Sigil, pages 10-11

Ed's Notes: Arguably the best courier in the city himself, and from the Palace of the Jester, he meets with clients and manages pretty much all of the other couriers in the city, matching them up with prospective clients. The Bells of Baphomet curse causes him to hear the bells from that Abyssal temple CONSTANTLY, 24/7. Which was driving his insane. His armor, a "gift" from Shemeshka, mutes this, almost completely when his helmet's visor is down.

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