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Tanar'ri, True - Nalfeshnee

Tanar'ri, True - Nalfeshnee

Climate/Terrain: The Abyss
Frequency: Very Rare
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Carnivore
Intelligence: Godlike (21+)
Treasure: H x2
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Number Appearing: 1
Armor Class: -8
Movement: 12, Fl 15 (D)
Hit Dice: 11
THAC0: 9
Number of Attacks: 3
   Claws (x2): d4, d4
   Bite: 2d4
Special Attacks: 
   Bind (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)
   Call Lightning (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)
   Chill Touch (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)
   Darkness 15' Radius (per spell, Tanar'ri Ability)
   Distance Distortion (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)
   Feeblemind (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)
   Forget (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)
   Gate, per spell: d6 Babau (50% chance), or 1 Vrock (50% chance), 2/day
   Giant Insect (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)
   Magic Spray (Nalfeshnee ability): They must concentrate for one round. Hits do not break its concentration. After this it shoots rainbow colored beams in every direction. Anyone within 60' suffer 15 hp of damage (save for half.) They must then Save vs. Spell again, at -2, or be stricken dumb for d10 rounds, where they will wander in a trance, experiencing their greatest fear.
   Mirror Image (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)
   Slow (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)   
   Web (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)   
Special Defenses: 
   Immune to non-magical Fire, Lightning and Poison
   Invisibility (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)
   Never surprised
   Protection from Good (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability, always active)   
   Takes half damage from Magical Fire, Cold and Gas
   +2 or better Weapons to hit, but full damage from Iron Weapons, half damage from Silver
Special Abilities:
   Alter Self (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)
   Detect Invisibility (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability, always active)
   ESP (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)
   Infravision (per spell, Tanar'ri Ability)
   Know Alignment (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability, always active)   
   Raise Dead (per spell, Nalfeshnee Ability)   
   Teleport Without Error (per spell, Tanar'ri Ability)
   Telepathy/Tongues (Tanar'ri ability): Can communicate Telepathically with any intelligent life form regardless language barriers.
Special Weaknesses:
   Takes full damage from Iron Weapons, half damage from Silver
Magic Resistance: 70%
Size: H (20' tall)
Morale: Fanatic (17-18)
XP Value: 17,000

Note: All Spell like abilities are usable once per round unless otherwise noted.

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2602, Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix, page 107

Ed's Notes: Just below the Mariliths in terms of Power. They serves as judges of sorts over the mortals that pass into the Abyss. One, Gabberslug, is a more literal judge in the "Courts of Woe" in Sigil. 

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