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Tanar'ri, Lesser - Uridezu (Rat-Fiend)

Tanar'ri, Lesser - Uridezu (Rat-Fiend)

Climate/Terrain: The Abyss
Frequency: Very Rare
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Carnivore
Intelligence: Low (5-7)
Treasure: Nil (B on Prime)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Number Appearing: 1
Armor Class: 0
Movement: 18
Hit Dice: 7
THAC0: 13
Number of Attacks: 3
   Claws (x2): d8, d8
   Bite: 2d6 + Paralyzation
Special Attacks: 
   Darkness 15' Radius (per spell, Tanar'ri Ability)
   Gate, per Spell: It's Master (40% chance), who is likely to be angry about this, so they don't tend to do this very often.
   Paralyzation: If bitten, targets must Save vs. Paralyzation or be Paralyzed for 2d4 hours.
   Summon and Command 4d6 Normal Rats or 2d6 Giant Rats, in areas where rats are normally found. (Uridezu ability)
Special Defenses: 
   Immune to non-magical Fire, Cold, Lightning and Poison
   Never Surprised
   Takes half damage from Magical Fire, and Gas
   Magical Weapons to hit, but takes full damage from Iron or Silver Weapons
Special Abilities:
   Infravision (per spell, Tanar'ri Ability)
   Teleport Without Error (per spell, Tanar'ri Ability)
   Telepathy/Tongues (Tanar'ri ability): Can communicate Telepathically with any intelligent life form regardless language barriers.
Special Weaknesses:
   Takes full damage from Iron or Silver Weapons
   To return to the Abyss, the must remain motionless for 3-12 turns, without being disturbed.
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: M (6' tall)
Morale: Steady (11-12)
XP Value: 3,000

Notes: As applicable, Uridezu use all Spell like ability as if they were a 6th Level Mage and all are usable once per round unless otherwise noted.

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2173, Monstrous Compendium Annual Vol. 4, page 83

Ed's Notes: Gotta love Tanar'ri... Even the relative simple one have attacks like... PARALYZE FOR 3-12 HOURS! These guys are often used by powerful Tanar'ri to run errands in other planes.

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