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Eladrin, Lesser - Coure

Eladrin, Lesser - Coure

Climate/Terrain: Arborea
Frequency: Common
Organization: Band
Activity Cycle: Night
Diet: Omnivore
Intelligence: Very (11-12)
Treasure: Incidental
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Number Appearing: 2-40
Armor Class: 5 (0, in light form)
Movement: 9, Fl 24 (B) of 48 (A) (in light form)
Hit Dice: 2+1
THAC0: 19
Number of Attacks: 1
   by weapon
Special Attacks: 
  Audible Glamer (per spell, Coure Ability)
   Cantrip (per spell, Coure Ability)
   Dancing Lights (per spell, Coure Ability)
   Magic Missile (per spell, Coure Ability) 3/day
   Phantasmal Force (per spell, Eladrin Ability)
   Sleep (per spell, Coure Ability)
   +4 to hit with their Bows, due to high Dexterity
   Can make a jest with the effect of Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter (per spell, Coure Ability) 1/day
 Special Defenses: 
   Immune to Lightning/Electricity and Magic Missile
   Takes half damage from, Fire, Gas
Special Abilities:
   Alter Self (per spell, Eladrin Ability)
   Can become a small ball of light
   Comprehend Languages (per spell, Eladrin Ability)
   Faerie Fire (per spell, Coure Ability)
   Detect Evil (per spell, Eladrin Ability)
Special Weaknesses:
   Takes double damage damage from Iron Weapons
Magic Resistance: 10%
Size: S (2' feet tall)
Morale: Unsteady (5-7)
XP Value: 650

Note: All Spell like abilities are usable once per round unless otherwise noted. Course use tiny rapiers (as daggers +1) and bows (treat as darts +1.):

Tiny Rapier +1: Speed: 2, d4/d3
Tiny (Short) Bow: Speed: 7, ROF: 2/1, Range: 1/2/4
Tiny Arrows +1: d3/d2

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2613, Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix II, page 31

Ed's Notes: The irascible pranksters of Arborea. If you really like your Chaotic Good PC Mage, give them one of these as a Familiar!

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