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Baatezu, Lesser - Barbazu

Baatezu, Lesser - Barbazu

Climate/Terrain: Baator
Frequency: Common
Organization: Military
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Carnivore
Intelligence: Low (5-7)
Treasure: Nil
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Number Appearing: 20-100
Armor Class: 3
Movement: 15
Hit Dice: 6+6
THAC0: 13
Number of Attacks: 3 or 1 (Weapon)
   Claws (x2): d2, d2 
   Beard: d8
Special Attacks: 
   Advanced Illusion (per spell, Baatezu Ability)
   Affect Normal Fires (per spell, Barbazu Ability)
   Animate Dead (per spell, Baatezu Ability)
   Charm Person (per spell, Baatezu Ability)
   Command (per spell, Barbazu Ability)
   Beard attack: if successful, has 25% change to Cause Disease
   Beard attack: If both claw attacks hit, the beard automatically hits.
   Fear (by touch, per spell, Barbazu Ability)
   Gate, per spell: 2d6 Black, Green or Red Abishai (50% chance) or d6 Barbazu (35% chance), 1/day
   Know Alignment (per spell, Baatezu Ability, always active)
   Produce Flame (per spell, Barbazu Ability)
   Suggestion (per spell, Baatezu Ability)
Special Defenses: 
   +1 or better Weapons to hit, but takes half damage from Silver Weapons
   Immune to fire (including magical and dragon) and Poison
   Takes half damage from Cold and Gas.
Special Abilities:
   Berserk: Each round of battle they have a +10% to go Berserk, and remain that way for the length of the battle. While Berserk, they attack twice as many times per round, at +2 to Attack Rolls. Their Armor Class however suffers a +3 Penalty.
   Infravision (per spell, Baatezu Ability)
   Teleport Without Error (per spell, Baatezu Ability)
Special Weaknesses:
   Takes half damage from Silver Weapons
Magic Resistance: 30%
Size: M (6 feet tall)
Morale: Steady (11-12)
XP Value: 6,000

Note: Their favored weapon is a Saw-Toothed Glaive (Speed 8, 2d6, each wound bleeds for 2 points every round unless bound.)

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2602, Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix, page 20

Ed's Notes: In HELL... If the Spinagons are like the Kobolds, and the Abishai the Goblins then these guys are like ORCS. Except, not really as they kick WAY too much ass for that. And they're a LOT smarter - than Orcs, yes, but also  smarter than they LOOK too! But if you're looking from Front Line / Shock Troops in Baator, look no further!

Unless otherwise noted, Special Abilities can be used once per round.

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