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Tanar'ri, True - Marilith

Tanar'ri, True - Marilith

Climate/Terrain: The Abyss
Frequency: Very Rare
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Carnivore
Intelligence: Genius (17-18)
Treasure: C, F
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Number Appearing: 1-2
Armor Class: -9
Movement: 15
Hit Dice: 12
THAC0: 9
Number of Attacks: 7
   Tail: 4d6 (Constriction)
   by Weapon (x6)
Special Attacks: 
   Animate Dead (per spell, Marilith Ability)
   Cause Serious Wounds (per spell, reverse of Cure Serious Wounds Marilith Ability)
   Cloudkill (per spell, Marilith Ability)
   Constriction, with tail: When the tail hits, it wraps around the victim, inflicting 4d6 damage every round. Trapped victims must make a Constitution check every round to remain conscious. No opponent with less that a 15 Strength can break free. There is a 10% chance per round, per point over 14 Strength that the victim can break free.
   Curse (per spell, reverse of Bless, Marilith Ability)
   Darkness 15' Radius (per spell, Tanar'ri Ability)
   Gate, per spell: 2-20 Least Tanar'ri (35% chance), d6 Lesser Tanar'ri (35% chance), d4 Greater Tanar'ri (35% chance), or 1 True Tanar'ri (35% chance), 1/hour
   Project Image (per spell, Marilith Ability)
   Pyrotechnics (per spell, Marilith Ability)
Special Defenses: 
   Comprehend Languages (per spell, Marilith Ability)
   Immune to non-magical Fire, Lightning and Poison
   Immune to Illusions and Mind Affecting Spells
   Never surprised
   Takes half damage from Magical Fire, Cold and Gas
   +2 or better Weapons to hit, but full damage from Iron Weapons, half damage from Silver
Special Abilities:
   Detect Evil (per spell, Marilith Ability)
   Detect Invisibility (per spell, Marilith Ability)
   Detect Magic (per spell, Marilith Ability)
   Infravision (per spell, Tanar'ri Ability)
   Polymorph Self (per spell, Marilith Ability), 7/day
   Telekinesis (per spell, Marilith Ability), 7/day
   Teleport Without Error (per spell, Tanar'ri Ability)
   Telepathy/Tongues (Tanar'ri ability): Can communicate Telepathically with any intelligent life form regardless language barriers.
Special Weaknesses:
   Takes full damage from Iron Weapons, half damage from Silver
Magic Resistance: 70%
Size: L (7' tall)
Morale: Fanatic (17-18)
XP Value: 23,000

Note: All Spell like abilities are usable once per round unless otherwise noted.  Mariliths favor exotic swords and axes, but use all kinds of weapons. 90% of theseir weapons are  enchanted and 15% are Special. (Select from page 140 of the 2e DMG.)

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2602, Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix, page 101

Ed's Notes: Look up the Cloudkill spell sometime.  Everything else she has and they give here THAT on top of it. Basically a save-or-instant-kill spell. Damn. Oh... and make sure you roll up her weapons ahead of time. They have a rivalry with the Glabrezu.

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