Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Black Marian

Black Marian

Female Human Planar
5th Level Priest of Bragi
Believer of the Source (Factotum)

Str:  10   Int:  13   HP:    32
Dex:  12   Wis:  16   AC:    10
Con:  11   Cha:  16   THAC0: 18

Silver Ladle
Mace of Disruption +1


Standard Priest abilities. 
Proficiency: Fortune Telling
Wisdom Save Bonus
Charisma Reaction bonus
Faction Abilities: Gain a +2 (or 10%) bonus to all Encounter Reactions with planar beings.
Faction PenaltySuffer a -1 penalty to all saving throws. Can be reincarnated, but not resurrected or raised.
If attacked in public, there is a 75% chance that an admirer of d6+2 level will come to her defense.

Spells/Level: 5/5/1:
1st - Cure Light Wounds, Detect Magic, Protection From Evil, Purify Food and Drink, Remove Fair
2nd - Augury, Barkskin, Enthrall, Know Alignment, Slow Person
3rd - Locate Object

Location: Singing Fountain, in the Lady's Ward

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2624, Uncaged: Faces of Sigil, pages 14-15

Ed's Notes: Singer, Fortune Teller, Sooth-Sayer and Secret-Message-Passer-On.

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