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Baatezu, Least - Nupperibo

Baatezu, Least - Nupperibo

Climate/Terrain: Baator
Frequency: Common
Organization: Army
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Nil
Intelligence: Non (0)
Treasure: Nil
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Number Appearing: 1-100
Armor Class: 9
Movement: 6
Hit Dice: 1
THAC0: 19
Number of Attacks: 2 or 1
   Claws (x2): d2, d2
   by Weapon
Special Attacks: 
   Fear (when 10 or more are order to attack a single defender, per spell, Barbazu Ability)
Special Defenses: 
   Immune to fire (including magical and dragon) and Poison
   Immune to mind-affecting Spells such as Charm Person or Illusions
   Takes half damage from Cold and Gas.
   Regenerate 1 hit point per round unless damage was inflicted by Holy Water, a Holy Sword or other Holy Item. This continues ever after death, with a 1% that they reform as a Lemure.
Special Weaknesses:
   Vulnerable to normal weapons
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: M (5 feet tall)
Morale: Never checks morale
XP Value: 120

Note: Their typical weapon, when they have one, is usually something basic like a Club [Speed 4, d6/d3]

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2602, Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix, page 26

Ed's Notes: The second lowest level scum one can encounter on Baator. Kind of like Orcs, except unless you have Holy items, these mooks NEVER. STOP. COMING. AFTER. YOU. 

Interestingly enough, even the other Baatezu seem to have some level of fear of these guys. It's like... is the were allowed to evolve, rather then devolved into Lemures, they might evolve into something really powerful.

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