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Female Human Planar
20th Level Ranger
Doomguard (factol)
Chaotic Neutral

Str:  13   Int:  18   HP:    78
Dex:  14   Wis:  14   AC:    4
Con:  15   Cha:  18   THAC0: 1

Blade of Modron Death +2 (Entropy/Dust Blade; +4 against Modrons undergoing the Great March; Speed: 3, d6/d8, +2 or +4)
Sword of the Planes (Speed: 5, d8/d12 +1-4)
Bow +3
Arrow of Slaying (Mordrons)
Lastehr Armor of Blending +4 (Sigil, can appear as ordinary clothing)
Daern's Instant Fortress (cube becomes 20x20x30 foot tower)
Cubic Gate (to the Prime, Outlands and Planes of Ash, Dust, Salt and Vacuum)

Spells/Level: 3/3/3

Has Standard Ranger abilities. Special Enemy is Modrons. Has access to the Spheres of Animal and Plant, but only those spells that involve no healing or creation.

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, page 41

Ed's Notes: Once again, what's with "Blade" and "Sword" I'm assuming it's a Longsword of the Planes and Shortsword (Blade) of Modron Death, hence the stats shown above.

The Dust Blade (of Modron Death) is a special Short Sword: an Entropy Blade that is +2, but increases to +4 against the threat it was designed to fight; In this case, Modrons on the Great March. It protects the bearer against all Earth- and Stone- based attacks and can Disintegrate Earth or Stone once per day. Entropy Blades draw upon entropy (which is everywhere) and so don't lose enchantment when crossing planes.

Factol Pentar revels in the decay.

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