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Ely Cromlich

Ely Cromlich

Male Marquis Cambion Planar
18th Level Fighter
Doomguard (factor)
Chaotic Evil

Str:  20   Int:  18   HP:    112
Dex:  18   Wis:  13   AC:    -2
Con:  15   Cha:  12   THAC0: 3

Bastard Sword +2 (Sigil, 1-handed: Speed 6, d8/d12; 2-handed: Speed 8, 2d4/2d8, additional +4 against Lawful Good opponents)
Short Sword (Speed 3, d6/d8, balanced for his sole use)
Plate Mail

In addition to Standard Fighter abilities, Cambion and Faction Abilities (+1 when attacking with a sword) can Detect Magic by touch and Polymorph Self three times per day.

His Short Sword (and possibly his long?) bears undetectable enhancement that allows it to absorb the effects of a Spell cast in combat. 

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, page 42

Ed's Notes: Chief  Weaponsmaster at the Armory and close confidant of Pentar. His rank was not given in the Factol's Manifesto, but considering his level and position, I'm assuming he's a Factor.

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