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Male Voadkyn Prime
7th Level Shaman
Believers of the Source (factor)
Neutral Good

Str:  15   Int:  13   HP:    49
Dex:  13   Wis:  16   AC:    8
Con:  12   Cha:  18   THAC0: 16

Giant-kin Mace (1d8x2)
Giant-kin Long Bow
24 Large Arrow (+1 bonus to attack rolls, 50% bonus to Range, d8)

Spells/Level: 5/5/2/1

Has Access to the Spheres of All, Charm, Divination and Healing

Can Polymorph Self into any humanoid creature between 3 and 15 feet in height.

As Wood Giant, is 90% Resistant to Sleep and Charm spells. Has Infravision up to 90 feet. Opponents in forests, where Voadkyn can easily hide suffer -4 penalty to surprise rolls.

Standard Faction Abilities

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, page 23

Ed's Notes: One of Factol Terrance's chief counselors and the head overseer of the Great Foundry.

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