Tuesday, December 10, 2019



Female Wemic Prime
6th Level Fighter
Free League (co-leader)
Lawful Neutral

Str:  16   Int:  12   HP:    54
Dex:   9   Wis:  10   AC:    4
Con:  17   Cha:  14   THAC0: 15

Two Javelins
Bracers of defense (AC: 4)

Standard Wemic abilities.
Faction Abilities: +2 Save against all forms of Charm. Save normally against Charms that don't normally allow a Save.
Is rarely surprised and shared a form of Telepathy with her brother, Lesander.

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, page 83

Ed's Notes: Her and her brother would be useful allies to have show up if some Idep PC's were ever in a close scrap. They are "leaders" of a sort with the Free League, but defer to Bria Tomay.

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