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Male Githzerai Planar
9th Level Fighter
Xaositects (factol)
Chaotic Neutral

Str:  17   Int:  16   HP:    89
Dex:  17   Wis:  15   AC:    ~5
Con:  18   Cha:  17   THAC0: 12

Whatever armor he feels like wearing (usually something equivalent to Chain Mail)
Two or more of the following: 
Long Sword (Speed: 5, d8/d12)
Great Scimitar (Speed: 9, 2d8/4d4)
Dagger (Speed: 2, d4/d3)
Horseman's Mace (Speed: 6, d6/d4)
Voulge (Speed: 10, 2d4/2d4)

Standard Fighter, Githzerai abilities.
Faction Abilities: Can use Babble (reverse of Tongues) once per week. Protected by Nondetection  from spells cast by Lawful Wizards or Priests. Can cast Confusion (20' radius for 2d6 rounds) once per day. May have another, unknown power or two, GM's discretion.

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, page 154

Ed's Notes: Couple things... With a Dex of 17, Chain Mail would grant an AC of 2, not 5. Also, no word on whether or not any of his weapons bear enchantments. FInally, the stats of the Great Scimitar come for the Al-Qadim setting. If you have a player that want's to play Chaotic Stupid, the Xaositechts are for them. At early levels, that's actually just good role-playing. Lol. If that kind of thing annoys you? Keep then away from the Chaosmen. (Make them play a Cipher instead and the problem will quickly resolve itself. Lol)

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