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Male Githzerai Planar
9th Level Mage
Athar (factotum)
Chaotic Neutral

Str:   8   Int:  15   HP:    19
Dex:  11   Wis:  11   AC:    4
Con:  10   Cha:   6   THAC0: 18

Bracers of Defense (AC 6)
Ring of Protection +2 (Sigil)

Spells/Level: 4/3/3/2/1

Has Standard Mage, Githzerai and Faction Abilities (Immune to Abjure, Augury, Bestow Curse, Curse, Divination, Enthrall, Exaction, Holy Word and Quest.)

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, page 13

Ed's Notes: One of Terrance's chief operatives and saboteurs. Basically spends his time vandalizing holy places and trolling the faithful in a variety of creative ways. BTW... He doesn't even carry a Dagger? No kind of weapon at all? That's... interesting.

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