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Male Dwarf Petitioner(?)
0-Level Sage
Fraternity of Order (factol)
Lawful Neutral

Str:   9   Int:  24   HP:    6
Dex:  10   Wis:  22   AC:    10
Con:  18   Cha:   8   THAC0: 20

Hundreds of Manuals and Tomes

Standard Dwarf abilities.
Faction Abilities: Can Comprehend Languages once per day. 
 Can cast Item once per day (with a duration of 24 hours.)
Probability Manipulation: Can apply +5/+25% to his own or an opponent's Attack or Proficiency Rolls.
Can instantly find a gate to the Negative Energy Plane (used twice)
Can Travel up to 10 minutes forward in time (used once)
Can Summon up to 10 monodrone modrons to his aid instantly (used three times)
Has two other loophole abilities which have never been used. (GM's discretion.)

Is a Sage with knowledge of Architecture (several races), Botany, Cartography, Cryptography, Engineering, Heraldry, History (many races and regions,) Law (of course,) Mathematics, Metaphysics (all known planes and some unknown to most,) Physics, Sociology, Theology, and Zoology. He knows a little about a multitude of other subjects, too. His reading has given him knowledge equivalent to every non-weapon proficiency and weapon proficiency. 

Source: 2nd Edition AD&D 2611, The Factol's Manifesto, page 71

Ed's Notes: Most badass 0-level NPC ever conceived of.

Factol Hashkar will lecture you.

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